This Article Is Not To Be Confused With the Real Life CFRN-DT a Real Life CTV Owned And Operated Station Owned-and-operated also Serving Edmonton,Alberta

Must Note: Univision Canada Is Also Not To Be Confused With The Cable Channel Itself

CFRN-DT Channel 29 (VHF) Virtual Channel 17 (PSIP) is a Edmonton Based TV Network Owned By The American Based Spanish TV Channel Telemundo It Began Operations In 1979 under the name Spanish International Network Canada Later Univision Canada In 1985 It Was A Former Affiliate Of Univision An American-Spanish TV Network

It Is The First Univision Network Outside USA (Before Costa Rica) With It's Transmitter In Ashmont The CFRN Facilities Are Based Near Commonwealth Stadium In Edmonton,Canada With It's Current Name:Telemundo Canada CFRN Has It's Rebroadcasters In:

CFRN-TV-1 Grand Prairie

CFRN-TV-2 Ashmont

CFRN-TV-3 Peace River

The Station Shut down It's Analog Signal On August,28 2011 two days before Shut down of CRTC Major TV Markets Of Analog To Digital

Currently The Station Broadcasts Various Programs From Telemundo

The Station Is Currently A Member Of The Iberoamerican Telecommunications Organization (OTI) Since 1982

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