KFNY-TV is a general independent format television station and Texas Style Independent station showing Texas programs. It was the heritage independent format serving Forney and DFW Metroplex. It was one of the 4 Independent Format(KXTX, KSTR, KDFI) during the 1999-2001 season. It was a general independent format during those years. Since 2006, it shows Texas shows also while airing syndicated programming meaning that after KDFI went as MyNetworkTV O&O, it is one of the 2 stations that are Independent format.

2006 Shows Edit

Syndicated Programming on KFNY during the 2006-07 seasons included Racheal Ray, Family Feud, The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, The Three Stooges, The Tyra Banks Show, Judge Maria Lopez, Judge Alex(as of 2006, it still rerun).

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TV Stations In Forney

KFMY-TV(42)(Independent)KJRT-TV(41)(Independent) KJMY-TV(43)(AMG TV)KFNN-TV(60)(News)

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