the Michigan Independent Television or MIT was a independent television network that operated between 1969 and 1975, when it merged with PBS.

Networks Edit

Network Name Started airing Ceased Broadcasting Location
WEWE-TV March 4, 1938 (started airing MIT on January 18, 1969) February 13, 1997 (stopped airing MIT on February 12, 1975) Traverse City
WIIB-TV January 18, 1969 February 13, 1997 (stopped airing MIT on February 12, 1975) Lansing
WCCT-TV January 18, 1969 February 12, 1975 Detroit
WBBV-TV March 14, 1973 February 12, 1975 Marquette
MIT 2nd logo

MIT's second logo, used from 1972 to MIT's closure in 1975.

MIT Production logo (1969-1975)

the logo used after MIT programs. still seen today sometimes after WEEB-TV programs.

History Edit

On January 15, 1969 the license for WEWE-TV was renewed, and WEWE bought 2 more licenses for stations called WIIB and WCCT, it was found that WIIB and WCCT were gonna be a part of WEWE's independence from NET...a copyright was filed on January 17, 1969 for Michigan Independent Television by WEWE-TV...the locations of the other 2 stations were revealed on January 17, they were Lansing and 9:00PM on January 17, 1969...WEWE left the air...and did not return until 3:00PM on January 18 as MIT. Stations running under MIT were the first ever stations in the United States to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, MIT also operated a 24-hour kids station called MIT Kids, however MIT Kids would only operate in Traverse City and Lansing. no video of MIT has surfaced online, but logos are available thanks to WEEB-TV constantly airing reruns of MIT programs. by 1972, MIT's last logo had premiered, on March 10, 1973...WBBI-TV Marquette had decided that effective that night, programming would cease under WBBI permanently, and that by March 20...WBBI would become WBBV-TV, an Michigan Independent Television-affiliated television station...on March 14, 1973, WBBV would start programming as the first (and only) MIT station not owned by WEWE-TV...on December 15, 1974...MIT went bankrupt, and a sale would pop up to buy the company, on February 5, 1975...PBS bought MIT for $1.1 Billion USD (1975 USD)...MIT would become a PBS subsidiary on February 11, 1975. WBBV and WCCT announced that effective that night, they would leave the air at 5:00AM and would not return to the air...WIIB and WEWE would remain broadcasting for 24/7 under PBS affiliation, and MIT Kids would permanently cease broadcasting at midnight during a informerical after a episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood.


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