Plus is a Canadian/American crime case channel that currently operates several transmitters across the United States and was created as a joint venture between CBS and the CW.

Transmitters Edit

Network Name Started Airing Ceased broadcasts (if not still airing) City
WEEB-D2 October 12, 2006 (first ever Plus station) March 2009 (when WEEB-TV lost CW-affilation) Traverse City, Michigan
WTTV-D5 October 18, 2006 Still airing Indianapolis, Indiana
WBUF-TV March 3, 1948 (started Plus affiliation November 14, 2006) Still airing Buffalo, New York
WDDI-TV November 28, 2006 Still airing, 1 of 3 Canadian Plus stations Toronto, Ontario, Canada
WCCT-TV October 8, 2007 Still airing, only Plus station west of the Rocky Mountains. Salt Lake City, Utah
WDDB-TV October 19, 2007 Still airing, 2nd Canadian Plus station...only French plus station. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
WDDB-D2 October 19, 2007 November 1, 2010 (after demand by Canadian government)...english version of WDDB-TV Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
WCCI-TV October 19, 2017 Last of 3 Canadian plus stations. Windsor, Ontario, Canada/Detroit, Michigan, USA

History Edit

A couple months after the WB's closure, WEEB-TV announced that thanks to CBS and the CW that they would be launching a new crime investigation channel called the Plus effective October 12, 2006 on 15.2 (or WEEB-D2)...the future of Plus was looked into, and by 2017 7 stations were operating with a Plus affiliation.

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