WBUF-TV is a Plus-affiliated station located in Buffalo, New York.

History Edit

As WCCT Edit

In 1948, WCCT-TV launched to cover Southern Ontario and Western New York as a NBC-affiliate. in 1955, WCCT officially became the United States' most popular TV 1970, WCCT announced that they would leave the air.

As WNXS Edit

In 1970, WCCT permanently left the air... 2 months after WCCT left the air, it relaunched as WNXS-TV (a CBS-affiliate) 1997 however, WNXS had already left the air.

As WBUF Edit

In 1997, WBUF launched as a was announced that WBUF would become the first Plus affiliated station. on October 12, 2006...WBUF would cease operating as a CW affiliate and would become a Plus-affiliate.

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