WCCJ-TV was a NBC-affiliated station licensed to Toledo, Ohio. It abruptly and mysteriously left the air during the afternoon of October 17, 1993 after technical maintenance was performed earlier that would not return on October 18...and WJJI-TV was launched in 1994. It's radio station, which was founded for use in the Michigan/Ohio war in the 1800's for the Toledo strip also left the air that same day.

History Edit

On January 14, 1957...a simulcast of WCCJ-FM was founded called WCCJ-TV...however by 1960, It had became a separate thing, being the ABC-affiliate for Lucas 1962, a new ABC-affiliate was founded, WCCK-TV...thus WCCJ became a NBC-affiliate in 1975 it was rated the most famous NBC station in the country, in 1993...WCCJ permanently left the air abruptly for unknown reasons.

Shutdown mystery Edit

See main article: 1993 WCCJ shutdown mystery

At 5:30PM on October 17, 1993...while airing the British science-fiction programme Doctor Who, WCCJ went to static...and by 5:40PM, it had switched from static to color bars did this 20 more times, showing that they were trying to put WCCJ back on the air, however by 8:00PM, all hope was lost...and a quick sign off message was aired at 8:02PM, saying that they would return to the air the next morning...however they never did.

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