WCIO-TV was a PBS-affiliated station in Indianapolis, Indiana and later Henryville, Indiana, it began operations in 1983 after Indiana University became interested in the television market. By 1990, several PBS stations had operated across Indianapolis, making WCIO obsolete. In 1993, WCIO was sold to the FCC and temporarily shut down...IU bought WCIO's license again in early 1994 and started operations in Henryville the next month. WCIO continued to serve southern Indiana until it was knocked off the air for 3 weeks in 2012 after the Henryville EF4 tornado, it started back up programming in May 2012. On July 19, 2017...the FCC Spectrum sale resulted in WCIO's license being sold to the FCC, it ceased broadcasting on April 2, 2018 at 11:59:59PM to free space for mobile waves.

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