WGGB-TV is a WGB-affiliated station founded in 1938 as a independent news station serving the Muncie, Indiana area.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1938, WGGB went on the air as WRTV (Not to be confused with WRTV-6, the actual ABC-affiliate for Indianapolis, Indiana), by 1940...WRTV had met a lawsuit by at the time CBS affiliate WRTV-6...by 1942, WRTV had to rename to WGGB....WGGB-TV became a independent educational station in 1968. It was purchased by Disney in 1986 and became a Disney Channel repeater. however by 1990, due to the rise of cable, WGGB was freed by Disney and became a WGB affiliate, in 2016, WGGB-D2 was launched.

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