WXJJ-TV Is A Newark-based Christian Television Station Owned by Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation Founded In 1981 when it aired Fox Programming until it Was Acquired by Canadian Salt + Light Television In 2004 It used To have A Semi-satelite channel based In Teterboro,New Jersey But Was Closed Down In December 22 2018 due to Tough competition with Other Christian Television Stations In The Brooklyn Area


In 1949 the Full-affiliated WAWA-TV Was Launched As A CBS Station Based In Teterboro,New Jersey And Brodcasted CBS Programming Most Notably The Price Is Right In 1965-1969 and The Miss Universe Pageant before it's Acqusition By Salt + Light Television

In 1981 A New York Affiliate Station Was Launched As A Fox Station and was owned by Turner Broadcasting System Until March 31 2004 when Salt + Light Television Network And Resulted in Founding of Salt + Light Television America Ltd.

On November 20 2010 1:45PM during a CBS program was shown on WAWA-TV a Belarusian-American College Student Hijacked the Station And Causing it to be interrupted by 5 minutes of North Korean Propaganda It Ended At 1:50PM The Company Still Issues Protests resulting a Plan to Change affilates for one case in 2013

On November 19 2013 It Was Acquired By Salt + Light Television and The Two Channels Became the first Salt + Light Television Stations outside Canada

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On December 22 2018 due to Tough Competition And Financial Problems WAWA-TV Had It's Final Sign Off On December 22 2018 leaving WXJJ-TV The Only Station To Air Salt + Light Television Network

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