Wolf Boom Television is the largest television company in the world, and is the only television group without a currently operates stations all across the world, with the only exceptions being Iran...where there briefly was a Wolf Boom Television Iran, North Korea, Iceland and the Netherlands. they operate stations under the WBT and ABC names.

History Edit

In 1982, Wolf Boom Radio would become interested in the television industry for the 2nd time, the first time was with WLBC-TV...a brief, but failed television network in Muncie, 1983, WJAJ-TV would be purchased by WBT, Wolf Boom Television disappeared in 1984, but returned in 1987...and bought the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 1989, making them the largest television company in the United 2016, they operated more than 50% of the worlds television stations...they ran CBS bankrupt in 2015, and purchased it and all CBS stations in 2017.

Nexstar purchased Wolf Boom as a operator putting all station graphics toward Nexstar Standardized Graphics

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